What is a Black Ginseng?

According to the records on production of red ginsengs in oriental medical texthooks, brown dry ginsengs can be obtained by having high-quality, more than four-year-old ginsengs steamed in clay pots either by water vapor or makgeolli(crude rice wine)

The resulting ginseng product is called 'red ginseng'. When the vapor absorbed by ginsengs condensate into
water and drop, the ginsenoside, one of the main active ingredients of ginsengs, is lost. However, through a special production technology involving nine times of steaming and nine times of drying in total, four to six-year-old, best
-quality ginsengs can be reborn into the excellent black ginsengs without losing any of their
medicinal quality. The whole process of turning ginsengs into black ones takes
around twenty days.

The final black ginsengs have ten to thirty times more saponin and other medical
ingredients red ginsengs, which make them great health supplements and

Many researches have recently proved the superb anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant effects of black ginsengs as well as their abilities to protect the liver and increase immunity. Also, black ginsengs have much more ginsenoside than red ginsengs. They are excellent health supplements for prevention of cancer, diabetics, and other adult diseases.

Ginsengs with average amount of active saponin →the amount of active saponin begins to increase →the amount of active saponin reaches the utmost level as the ginsengs turn black. (Rb1, Rb2, Rd, Rd3…)

Rb1 depresses the central nerve system; pain-killing; stabilizes the dissolves and oppresses neutral fat; bio-synthesis of cholesterol; promotes secretion of adrenocortical hormones; improves the ability to remember.
Rb2 anti-diabetic; reduces the cholesterol level; promotes the syntheses of DNA/.RNA; promotes secretion of adrenocortical hormones; provides antagonism to cancer-causing toxic hormones.
Rc promotes syntheses of proteins; promotes secretion of adenocortical hormones.
Rd promotes secretion of adenocortical hormones.
Rg3 prevents coagulation of blood platelets; prevents metastasis of cancers (prevents penetration by cancer cells), etc.

Re depresses the central nerve system; promotes syntyeses of DNA/RNA; promotes secretion of adenocortical hormones.
Rg1 stimulates the central nerve system; anti-stress, anti-fatigue; helps to recover from fatigue; increases immunity, enhances the ability to remember; reduces serum cholesterol.

* provided by the Scientific Analysis Center in 2002